Equipping Client Businesses with the Perspective, Wisdom and Strategy Required to Both Survive and Thrive…

No Matter How Things Play Out Over the Next 3, 6, 12 Months

Here's What You Get Immediately

In this FREE Value-Packed Bundle
  • An exclusive purpose-built mini-course, designed to arm you with the information that will allow you to thrive in these uncertain times.
  • ​Our special April issue of Insider's Access Monthly - This issue is all about what’s going on right now. What we’re doing. What you need to be doing. What you need to avoid at all costs...
  • Digital access to our entire back catalogue of Insider’s Access Monthly - Three years worth of behind-the-scenes lessons that we learned while scaling Traffic & Funnels to a multi-million dollar company.
  • The entire Wealth Secrets Bundle - Learn the framework for what I’ve personally discovered to be the secret to wealth generation and abundance. Bundle includes video training, a digital copy of the Wealth Secrets book and a special audio version too!

Who Qualifies?

Any coach, consultant, freelancer, agency owner, fit pro or any other expert service provider committed to protecting their business’ and family’s future.

From the home office of Taylor Welch:

A “stimulus package” is defined as economic measures put together to stimulate a floundering economy. 

The objective being to increase employment, spending and increase the speed with which money circulates. 

So here at Traffic and Funnels, we decided to put together our very own stimulus package – something of tremendous value to anyone running a client-based business…

Something that would allow them weather the economic storm ahead...

That we could give away ABSOLUTELY FREE.

Before I explain my reasoning for putting this free package together, allow me to quickly introduce myself. 

My name’s Taylor Welch. Together with my business partner, Chris Evans, we run 3 multi-million dollar businesses: 

Traffic and Funnels, SalesMentor and Wealth Cap Holdings.

And over the past month or two, each of those businesses have seen growth.

Now, why is that?

Quite simply, we’ve been preparing for this for over 3 years now. Studying the economy, past recessions, extracting wisdom from our mentor Jay Abraham (who’s thrived through multiple recessions)...

While no entrepreneur could’ve anticipated the world-wide lockdown we’re all experiencing…

The truth is we were long overdue for an economic “correction” (they typically occur every ~10 years).

So while we’ve been preparing for this for a long time. And have helped our clients do the same...

Not everyone has been so fortunate…

And as a result, a lot of people are going to face some real struggles in the months ahead.

So we want to help as many as we can...

So, What's the Catch?

Why do we want to help others completely FREE?
This is a good question to ask. 

Right now – with all the craziness and “doomsday preaching” going on in the world – you should be questioning the ulterior motives of everyone.

So what’s my ulterior motive?

Well, it’s clearly not about money (because there’s no sneaky cash grab on the back end of this). Besides, I have more than enough deposited into my bank account on a monthly basis.

My motive is arguably more important than any of that.

  • I want people to get back to work.
  • I want people equipped to support their families.
  • I want people to keep their heads screwed on straight.
And I want to see as many entrepreneurs get through this as possible.

When this global situation began, we agreed at Traffic and Funnels we’d be a Beacon of Hope… not Panic.

Showing people that even through the chaos and mayhem... 

There’s a path up the mountain.

So what exactly is the
T&F Stimulus Package?

So what exactly is the T&F Stimulus Package?

Right now it’s more important than ever to control your “inputs”...
Which is why I was deliberate about what was included in the package.

A FREE purpose-built mini-course, designed to arm you with the information that will allow you to thrive in these uncertain times.

Exclusive Financial Stimulus Training with Adam Rundle

Finance expert, Adam Rundle, will be digging into the government stimulus options available for entrepreneurs in a variety of situations – whether you’re running a small one-person operation… or have a team where you need to meet payroll. 
We recently had Adam cover this stuff with our own clients, and knew it had to be shared more widely.

You’ll discover must-know concepts about how the economy works… and how you need to factor it into your decisions over the coming months (and through the recession ahead).

Exclusive Hedging Training with Me - Taylor Welch

You’ll get my predictions for how things are gonna play out… and the importance of having a plan for each scenario so you can make cool-headed reponses through this critical time.
And like I said, this is all free. We’re not even pitching anything on the backend of this.

Now, while this would be incredibly valuable on its own, we’re committed to preparing you as best we can. That’s why you’re also getting...

Our Special April Issue of Insider's Access Monthly

Insider’s Access Monthly is our monthly $79/yr newsletter where we spill what’s working for us, what isn’t, learnings, successes, failures, things we’re testing, and how we approach certain situations.

This issue is all about what’s going on right now. What we’re doing. What you need to be doing. What you need to avoid at all costs...

Inside you’ll find...

  • The way to “survive” (baseline) and “thrive” (the goal) during ANY recession – far too few are currently armed with this
  • “Tea Time w/ Taylor” Predictions on what’s coming down the pike AFTER the recession kicks in (some good, some bad, but in order to build a plan you MUST know what’s going to happen before it happens)
  • ​What separates 2020 from the crash of ‘08… and why this is fantastic news for you (if you leverage the opportunity it presents)
  • How to weather the storm over the next few months (prepare correctly and you’ll come out of this stronger than ever)
  • ​The truth about “inflation”... and how it makes what most people are doing with their money a tragic mistake (listen closely if you wanna come out of this financially healthy)
  • ​The GLAF Wealth Triangle I rely on when assessing where to invest my money (hint: the AF stands for anti-fragility)
  • ​Got a bunch of cash sitting in a bank account right now? Here’s exactly why we STOPPED carrying millions of dollars liquid (a crucial “protective measure” we picked up off of those who sustain their wealth through even the worst economies)
  • Why it’s a huge mistake assuming the “economy” is doing well when the stock markets are up (and the TRUE barometer of it’s “health”)
  • ​Your moral obligation as an entrepreneur if you want to see your country back on its feet asap
  • The golden opportunity amidst record unemployment levels (this may be the genesis of your dream team)
  • ​Why the ideas 95% of entrepreneurs are peddling right now are not only dead wrong, but a recipe for bankruptcy (here’s the smart alternative you should give your full focus)
  • ​The “demographic shift” we’ve witnessed inside T&F since the start of this March
  • ​The “flow of money” into your business slowing down? Here’s exactly what you need to do to offset it.
  • The clear indicator you need to PIVOT your business asap (I’ve already helped some clients do this in the last month)

Insider's Access Monthly Backorders

I’m also tossing in digital access to our entire back catalogue of Insider’s Access Monthly. Going back as far as March 2017. That’s a full three years worth.

So what makes these so valuable – especially at this time? 

There’s a bunch of lessons scattered throughout that are super relevant even today.
It offers a glimpse at why we’re so well prepared for what’s going on… and offers wisdom on how to build things correctly that will survive any economy.

Here’s a small sample of what you’ll find inside:

  • How we’ve used our 3 pillars of high-leverage to charge $5,000… $8,000… $36,000 or more per client
  • An in-depth breakdown of our 2 best ads after spending $160,693.23 on advertising last month
  • ​Why our first hire freed up 20 hrs/week for us, what we paid them to do, and who we recommend you hire first
  • How to use the control-based selling system we developed to close 60-70% of the prospects we talk to
  • ​How our clients use “hyper organic” marketing to bring in floods of qualified prospects before they even have a funnel

The Wealth Secrets Bundle

We had everything ready to launch this as a stand-alone product for $97 this monthbut it felt like the right thing to do to include it here – in its entirety.

After all, it’s more important than ever you make good financial decisions.

You need to understand: I’m not rich because of marketing. 
Marketing’s just the first step in getting some cash flowing through the door. 

But there’s plenty who’ve brought in millions yet end up just barely surviving. 

For the first time, I’ve laid out the framework for what I’ve personally discovered to be the secret to wealth generation and abundance.

The bundle includes:

  • The brand-new Wealth Secrets video trainings – 1.5 hours of freshly-recorded content walking you through the framework
  • A digital copy of my original, highly acclaimed Wealth Secrets Book
  • ​An audio version of the book to feed your mind on the go (though let’s face it – you’re probably not going anywhere far for a while)
And inside you’ll discover…

  • Why most people's budgets actually keep them in poverty… and how you can leverage your budget for growth (barely anyone uncovers this little secret).
  • The greatest economy in history is coming to an end – here’s how you can get ahead of the game and arm yourself against the “correction”.
  • ​A powerful yet barely used formula for calculating your required gross revenue (according to your desired lifestyle). Without this, you’re left directionless and money will HIDE from you.
  • How to create and control income-producing assets “out of thin air” to become opportunity-rich… even if you don’t have much capital to utilize.
  • ​​The truth about “over-simplicity” – here’s why 99% of experts who live and operate day-to-day in near-poverty... will stay there.
  • 4 Mental Hurdles that you MUST overcome if you hope to ever become wealthy.
  • ​Have massive credit card debt weighing you down? Discover why paying them off right now could be the worst thing you do.
  • Did you know there are 3 classes of debt? Find out the two you should be using and the one you should avoid at all costs (especially now!)
  • ​And that’s barely scratching the surface...

Yep... We’re giving all
that away for free.

There’s zero cost to you. 

And I don’t mean that in the sneaky marketer way where you get billed later. There’s no catch. You’ll never be charged a dime for this – ever.

This is 100% FREE for coaches, consultants, freelancers, agency owners, fit pros and any other expert service providers who want to equip themselves to win over the months and years ahead.

Traffic and Funnels wouldn’t exist without all the incredible experts out there. So this is our opportunity to give back and support the community.

So here’s how you can take us up on this special offer:

Simply click the red button below, fill out the short form, and we’ll send you access to the members portal right away – giving you instant access to the April 2020 issue of “Insider’s Access”, the entire IAM backorders catalog, and the full Wealth Secrets Bundle.

Plus, most importantly, you'll receive your exclusive video trainings from Adam Rundle and myself - with more to be delivered later!

But don’t wait around – we’re only keeping this FREE package available for a very short time.

So click the button button below and secure the Stimulus Package while we’re still handing this out.

I’ll see you on the training.

Taylor Welch

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